Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Slow wins the race.

Day 3 of my 'dietbet' challenge and everything is going smoothly - at least I think it is but we'll have to see what the scales say on Monday morning.

I was out running again this morning at 7am with my daughter and her boyfriend, plus the dogs of course. My problem today was that I forgot my ipod and I hate, hate, hate hearing myself breathing while I'm running - it's kinda off putting because I breathe veeeery loudly.
We managed 3 miles walk/run again and I have to say that I'm suprised by how much I'm enjoying it despite not being anywhere near as good as I used to be. My pace is pretty slow at the moment but I know that will pick up soon enough so I'm not worried about it.
 It's this 'dietbet' challenge, it has me looking at food and exercise completely different. For example Mr SG just took me up to Tesco to get a few bits (healthy stuff of course) and I was not even tempted by the goodies I would normally get - you know, the 'bad' stuff.
I'm feeling pretty good as I sit here writing this post snacking on grapes. Grapes! Who'da thought it!

I've been tracking my daily calories on My Fitness Pal and I'm finding it difficult to use up all the calories that I'm allocated each day. Never in a million years would I have thought that I'd struggle to eat all those calories.
Fingers crossed I will see at least 2.2lb weightloss on Monday.

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