Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Personal trainer

Remember in my last post when I said that Mr SG was going to go running with us - well last night he followed through with that threat promise.
I was happily ensconced on the sofa in PJ's watching RHOC while Leanne was happy in her PJ's too. Mr SG told us it was time to get changed for running which kind of had me in a panic and reeling off excuse after excuse as to why I couldn't run that night - Leanne was slightly more resigned to the idea of having to do it.
Maybe I should just clarify at this point that Mr SG is 11 years older than me, he is a heavy smoker, has COPD and scarring to the sole of his foot that hurts when he walks. He was athletic as a youngster and is a builder now but running for any length of time is something completely different and it was that knowledge that actually made me agree to his plan - basically I wanted to shut him up.
Leanne and I usually pick our runs with care, it's all hills here so most of the time we avoid the steepest longest ones unless we're wanting the extra work.
Mr SG on the other hand drove us to Loch Shebster at the foot of the steepest longest bloody hill possible and I realised I'd mis judged him when our complaints of the steepness of it were met with "Quit complaining, it'll be all downhill on the way back".
Within 1/2k of this hill I was reaching for the inhaler, I kid you not it was ridiculously hard. I trundled along waiting for Mr SG to give up - nothing! waited for him to struggle to breathe - nothing!
By the time we finally got to the top of the hill I was ready for turning round but nope Mr SG wanted us to go further. He bolstered me along explaining my defeatest attitude, he kept me motivated and he didn't let me give in to the many crappy excuses I was reeling off. I can run while I'm sick, it won't kill me - apparantly!
Finally he let us turn round and the notion of heading back to the car and the downhill run was severely shattered by the knowledge that we'd just run downhill so we had another hill to conquer first.
I hate hills!
By the time we made if back to the car - 7k later - Mr SG had hardly broken a sweat and his breathing was perfectly normal - in fact he happily chattered away while running.
Leanne and I were bloody gobsmacked, seems he really can put his money where his mouth is.
Mr TG is now our trainer and has even agreed to enter the 10k with us - this means that a) he'll keep me going when my head wants me to stop and b) Leanne will be able to run off at her own pace which is much faster than mine.

So I learned that I should never under estimate Mr SG - he's awesome!

You can see the spikes drop where I kept sneaking in a stop, once Mr SG cottoned on to what I was doing though he eventually managed to get me to stop.

56 minutes - not a great time but I know it'll improve.

Exercise Distance 6.99 km 
Uphill Distance 3.42 km
Downhill Distance 3.57 km

Calories 269 Kcal
Weight Loss 10.1 g
Carbohydrate 135 Kcal (50%)
Fat 135 Kcal (50%)

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