Friday, 30 August 2013

Still love to run!

Well I'm still enjoying this running lark, in fact I've found a whole new enthusiasm for it and I have to say it's entirely thanks to Mr SG taking the time to get out there with us, encourage us and show us that we can actually do more than we think and that it's just our mindset that tells us we can't or that we need to stop and walk.
Last night was intended to be our first speed work session but the wind was so strong that we had to change our plans and head to a sheltered area for a regular run. As it turned out the forest wasn't actually as sheltered as we had thought it would be and we were fighting wind for pretty much all the run - I don't know what's worse, a head wind or blinkin cross winds. If I wasn't running head down and leaning forward because of the head wind I was being thrown to the side perilously close to huge ditches by the cross winds.
I'm quite pleased with the run though, I did stop a couple of times to catch my breath because the winds coupled with the steep hills had me struggling to breathe a bit despite having taken my inhaler but we ended up running a 5.45k circuit mainly uphill and on forest trails that were quite loose underfoot.

I know I was supposed to be recording my food intake but so far I haven't gotten around to it. The scales claim I have put on 2lb this week so I think I would definitely benefit from a food journal to see exactly where I'm going wrong - I just forget to do these things.
I am cooking from scratch now though, gone are the pies, chips, fry ups etc etc replaced with fish, chicken, veggies, pasta etc and I always have my favourite salad mixed and ready in the fridge.
This salad is so simple, it's just chopped cucumber, Tomato & Onion splashed with vinegar and black pepper and then left in the fridge - I sometimes add a fat free vinaigrette instead of regular vinegar.
What makes this particular batch so scrumptious though is that I grew it all myself!

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