Monday, 12 August 2013

Things are not looking hopeful!

Is a crap run better than no run at all? On the one hand at least we got out there and did some running but on the other hand we walked many times for a minute or so a time.
We started well and cleared the first mile at a decent pace but then Leanne got stitch and I started feeling like I was going to throw up - it was all down hill from there.

We even got my husband to drop us off near the forest at the 3 mile marker and to follow us slowly in the car back to the main road - he thinks our attempt was so poor that he's now insisting that he's coming with us to run tomorrow. Obviously he tried to make it sound like a good thing but it actually sounded very much like a punishment lol.
The thing is my hubby is naturally quite fit as he's a builder BUT he's a heavy smoker, suffers from COPD and has a scar under foot that makes him limp - you could be forgiven for wondering why the heck he feels he'll be of any help at running but the annoying thing is that despite his conditions he'll definitely be able to run the pants off my daughter and I.
You may also wonder why the need to even help us improve and ordinarily I would have told him where to shove his "help" (he helped me when I originally started running, it wasn't a pleasant experience) but Leanne and I have a 10k booked in September and if we carry on in our current manner we'll be walking the whole thing.
Drastic times and all that!

Today was a disappointment for me in other ways too. I was due to start a new round of Insanity, I totally believed that my back was recovered enough to do it and that it would actually benefit from the stretches that Shaun T puts us through, unfortunately my back is actually not recovered enough and so I had to admit that to attempt something as extreme as Insanity would be an insane decision. I have a new start date of 19th August so I have everything crossed for that.

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