Monday, 5 January 2015

Monday weigh in.

Nothing like standing on the scales to bring you back into reality with all the finesse of a juggernaut hitting a tower block eh!
I had intended to take a photo of what the scales screamed out at me but I wasn't organised and left the camera downstairs so didn't have it to hand when I got up and weighed myself  (I only weigh myself first thing in a morning and it will only be once a week). I'll be more organised next week though and will begin weekly photos, I'm also trying to come up with some unusual way of photographing fat as it decreases.
So, what did those terrible scales say - well I weighed in at 218lbs. It's not my heaviest but I've certainly put alot back on since last year.

Start weight:   218lb
Current weight: 218lb
Goal weight :   160lb

58lbs is alot to lose when you look at it in one massive hit - which is what I would have done in the past - so I'm breaking it down into 7lb goals and once I achieve each goal I'll allow myself a non food treat (something I've never done in the past).

For visual motivation alongside photos which can take ages before showing a real difference I will be making myself a set of these

So how did Day 1 go? Initially not too bad. I'm following the slimming world plan and will mix that in with the 2 days of the fast diet once I'm fully aware of how to do it, so breakfast was literally a handful of Shreddies with SS milk. This small portion was a bit worrisome to begin with, I'd forgotten just how small a portion it is and portion size has alwasy been my main issue but I was quickly reminded just how filling small portions are IFF you picke the correct foods and Shreddies definitely fill me up
. Lunch was simply a Nature valley bar because I'd been busy outside and wasn't hungry but figured I should eat something
. Dinner was grilled Salmon with ric.
So all was well ...... until someone left some Bourbon biscuits in my line of sight and I'd dived into them before I even realised what I was doing - I swear the brain deliberately shuts down at these times to prevent you from recognising what you're doing and stopping it.
I'm not cursing myself though, it's not the end of the world and there's going to be many more days like this so I'll simply hope that todays activity burned off those biscuit calories and I'll drink loads more water to keep me feeling fuller too.

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