Saturday, 3 January 2015

Over the next wee while I'll be redesigning and revamping my blog page. It's been in need of it for a while in order to bring it more up to date and to include some more interest. It's not a new year resolution thing - I have 3 blogs and they all need doing - but more that I've been neglecting this one of late. It seems I only blog when my healthy eating is going to plan and then when I slip a little I can't bring myself to publicly display it so I hide instead.
Well I can't afford to do that now! My latest blood test results showed an increase in my gamma? Levels and as this could eventually lead to type 2 diabetes I have to start taking my health seriously. This means I have to start being accountable for my weight and for the food I eat and with that in mind I will be posting my weight on my blog after weigh in on Monday morning - posting weight is something I have always refused to do.
I'm not going on any fad diet - I'll follow the slimming world healthy eating plan as I have all the gumph for it. I'm hoping to avoid needing to go to class as they're late evening and 15 miles away but if I cannot stick to it myself then I'll definitely be attending.
Exercise will definitely need looking at because I've done diddly squat for such a long time. I have a flare up of asthma at the moment due to a chest infection so I'll have to start out with simple walking but then I'll move on to either Insanity or the new Insanity Max:30.
I'm actually quite looking forward to this journey and I know my weakness will be sweet things when I'm watching tv so I've already begun to limit the time I watch tv and the ridiculous amount of time I spend on Facebook - I will set time aside for blogging and for Pinterest but fb really is going to be limited.
So with all that in mind I will post again here on Monday with my weigh in figures and take it from there.

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