Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Weighing up the enemy

Please be patient as I vent my frustration.

Watching a programme tonight titled "weighing up the enemy" caused much controversy and disagreement in the SG household - dare I say voices were even raised (mainly mine lol).
This programme pits 2 contestants against each other to see who could lose the most weight, but the controversy began when ' plus size awards ' were shown and were followed by household comments of "what the fuck"?
It seems that a certain mentality of people believe that such awards glorify and promote being over weight. The fact that for decades ridiculously skinny people and often unhealthy sized women have been promoted in magazines, on cat walks, in films etc is somehow acceptable. Super skinny models are recognised for their beauty despite unhealthy eating habits being employed to keep them there, designers promote their clothing ranges that do not fit figures above a 14 and yet these guys find that acceptable- it was even suggested a couple of times that you never see ribby models!! WTF!
I'm not suggesting that those skinny models should not be recognised for their achievements but why shouldn't plus size models be shown the same respect? Marilyn Monroe was once considered to have the most enviable of figures, yet now she is considered 'plus size' - it's sad and ridiculous.
People need to understand how ridiculed and persecuted plus size women have been for so so long - clothes were not available off the rack and what was available wasn't cut to fit plus size women, so when designers decided to cash in on this niche in the market it was to be welcomed.
However it seems some people in this household believe that plus size models should not be recognised nor awarded because they believe it will encourage and/ or promote weight gain. They fail to see that it could actually empower women to feel good about themselves which in turn could actually encourage health and weight loss and they also fail to recognise that some people are overweight through medication or health issues and cannot help the way they look so I say why shouldn't they be given the same air time and acceptance as skinny models.
At one point I asked if they thought 2 ladies in wedding gowns looked nice - I thought they did and tbh they couldn't have been much bigger than a size 16/18 (my current size), to which the response was an emphatic "no, not that size"
I wonder if they realised that they were actually telling me that I too do not look nice!

Rant over!

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