Wednesday, 9 January 2013

9 days into the New Year and how many of you are still managing those New Year goals?
I've been making plans to get back on track with renewed enthusiasm once I get back from our much needed holiday next month, I just hope I'm not getting too enthusiastic and making the same old mistake of overdoing it and setting myself up for failure.
Here's my plan
  1. Start a new round of Insanity beginning 11th February - I love this workout.
  2. Return to Slimming World 14th February - The only weightloss plan that has ever worked for me.
  3. Enter Baxters Loch Ness 10k - This will be the hardest goal becasue despite wanting to enjoy running, I don't.
  4. Begin round 1 of Les Mills Ultimate Warrior after Insanity - This workout comes complete with information on improving your mental image of yourself and daily actions we can take to improve that image. Apparantly we need to 'think' or 'see' ourselves slim.
I'm not pressurising myself to be a certain weight by a certain month I simply want to drop a couple of stone so I feel more comfortable with myself - I'm also not going to deny myself every indulgence, I think this could be the secret for me because I do not see the point going through life having to deny myself anything that is remotely classed as 'bad'. I am simply going to teach myself moderation.
I know we've all said these things to ourselves over and over again, especially if we're compulsive dieters but this time I'm trying a few new strategies, mainly to do with mental image and attitude and making weightloss goals attainable by cutting them down into blocks of 7lbs.
I have a date set for this plan to start but I'm not going to fall into the usual trap of shovelling food into my face like it's going out of fashion until then - go on admit it, we all do it lol.
I'll be posting my weekly weightloss but I won't be stressing too much over what it shows because these extreme workouts have a tendency to make us gain weight to start with. I'll also be posting details of each days' workouts of both Insanity & Les Mills Ultimate Warrior.


  1. I am still working on my goals!!! Working very hard!

    1. Hi Kristina,
      Well done you, keep up the good work :)