Saturday, 5 January 2013

You need this link!

17 days from now I'll be heading off for a long overdue holiday to Jamaica with hubby and our good friends from back home in England - I cannot wait! The winter here feels as though it has lasted for 6 months already, probably due to the lack of a decent summer last year and I am chomping at the bit for some sun.
When we booked the holiday I was determined to lose weight for it, guess what - that didn't actually happen. I'm ok with that little fact though.
Over the past few months I've done alot of soul searching to try and work out why I put myself through such emotional turmoil of setting myself unrealistic goals and have decided that weightloss goals this year will be in increments of 7lbs. 7lbs sounds so much more attainable doesn't it? At least it fills me with slightly more hope than telling myself to lose 50lbs. 50lbs may be the final goal but I need to chop that goal down into bitesize chunks - attainable chunks.
So my plan is to go on holiday and enjoy it! I won't lose significant weight before I go but that's fine. When I get back I am going back to Slimming World simply because SW teaches me how to eat healthily, it's not about a diet as such it's about using healthy ingredients to make dishes that we usually eat as a family.

With this in mind I have a link I want share with you all. If you are on a diet / healthy eating plan, whether it be Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Conley, Atkins, Dukan Diet, Slimfast, Orlistat or even a meal replacement diet such as Lighter Life then you need to use this link and join the Minimins - weightloss support forum.
This forum is full to the brim of recipes, diet advice and help on every diet you can think of and each diet / healthy eating plan has it's own section so there's no trawling through irrelevant content to get what you need.
I cannot tell you how much that forum helped me with SW. It showed me ways to make sin free ice cream, chips, Quiche, curries and pretty much every other meal you can think of, it really did show me that dieting doesn't need to mean going without.
Recipes aside (which is what I mainly used it for) there are motivational sections where you can interact with others, success stories, weightloss diaries, weekly weigh ins, healthy eating while pregnant, strugglers and restarters and so much more.
IMO this is a necessity for all and any weightloss plan.

Try it, it's free to join and is extremely helpful -

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  1. Have a great trip!
    I'm jealous!

    Misc Mom