Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy New Year to all of you, may 2013 be a better year than 2012 (if you had a shite one of course).

So how many of you have loaded yourself up with ridiculous New Years Resolutions?
Normally I would be doing the same but this year I figure why set myself up for failure with ridiculous unattainable resolutions? I mean do I really need to learn to read Hieroglyphics this year? Am I honestly going to become an Uber athlete in 6 months? Or never let another teensy bit of Chocolate past my lips ever again? I mean seriously it ain't happening.
So 2013 is about keeping it real!
No resolutions for me, not a one, just simple goals that are realistic, attainable and can take me however long it takes to get there.
I'm going to cut me some slack with the blogging - it's great to blog every day but if I happen to miss a couple of days it's no biggie.
I'm going to lose weight BUT I'm not weighing myself and I'm not putting a time limit on it. I want to eat healthy but I also want treats and I will not make myself feel guilty about that. I need to learn portion control and to eat only when I'm hungry not when I'm emotional.
I want to find an exercise I like. I love 'Insanity' but it damaged my knees so I need to have more leg strength before doing it again. I want to enjoy running but I don't enjoy having to run a certain distance each time I go out or feeling as though I need to be running faster as I progress so I may try run/walks instead.
I would love to dabble with recipes too. Nothing fancy mind just simple healthy recipes that taste good.
Finally I am going to enjoy the garden this year and grow lots of vegetables and fruit - this is the one goal that has me really excited.

So when you're choosing what you want your NYR to be remember 2 things:-
1: Make them goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions are usually unrealistic and are doomed for failure whereas goals are longterm, have no time limit and allow for hiccups along the way.
2: Most imprtant - Keep them real people. Nothing spells doom quite like over the top NYR.



  1. No resolutions for me this year. Just getting back to my original goals and staying there. :)

    1. That's the way to do it Kristina. Good Luck & Happy New Year.