Monday, 14 January 2013

Holiday packing - it's bizarre!

So I'm packing for this holiday and I'm trying stuff on to make sure it still fits before I bother packing it and I'm getting mixed feelings with the results. You see, there was an awful lot that doesn't fit and yes I should have checked this sooner than now because the shops won't have summer gear in and the chances are that buying online is not going to work as we live in the Highlands and mail comes by pigeon carrier here, but oh well I didn't check sooner so I just have to live with that.
On the other side of the coin I'm trying on holiday clothes that were last worn 4 years ago. Yes seriously I do not like throwing clothes out that are perfectly comfortable and wearable.
Although a fair few don't fit there are still plenty that do fit which is bloody amazing as far as I'm concerned. I've bought a few new clothes and did have an attempt at recovering my favourite bikini top after a tutorial online made it look so easy. That bikini top is now in the bin and I've bought new ones but if there's one thing I hate it's buying bikini's. I always buy those online because I hate trying stuff on in the shops but you try finding a bikini that fits and flatters not just an exceptionally fuller bust but a fuller lower stomach that doesn't cost in excess of £50. If you find one you've done well!
I bought 2 new ones on Ebay and I'm loving them. It took me a while to find ones I like because for some reason bikini manufacturers believe that fuller bust ladies need thick padding in their tops - WTF! but 2 will have to do me cos I'm sick of looking now!
Another strange thing is that I'm refusing to take Black clothing - I live in Black! I'm finding that one a bit bizarre, alongside the fact that I wouldn't be seen dead in a full bathing suit. It makes no sense does it! I won't wear a bathing suit that covers everything up but I'll wear a bikini that ...well....doesn't. Don't get me wrong the bikini isn't a thong bottom and triangle top - shudder at the thought - but still my mindset makes no sense to me sometimes.

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