Thursday, 10 January 2013

This is perfectly normal!

What's wrong with this picture?

I suspect there are countless homes worldwide that can snap an image similar to this!
What's worse is you see that paper on the stool to the left? That's actually an unopened copy of 'Womens Running' magazine that I subscribe to! And do you see the dust on the front of the dreadmill!
I finally admitted to myself a few weeks ago that myself and running are never going to make happy bedfellows and I cancelled that magazine subscription. I even diddled with the idea of selling the dreadmill.......................
Good job I didn't as I've had a complete change of heart - as many of us do this time of year.
You see, I WANT to enjoy running and I WANT to be good at it. When I read those magazines (which I opened today by the way) I get so motivated at the lithe gazelles running along in trendy gear with smiles on their faces but I can't help comparing it to the stomping hippo dressed in whatever mens running gear is baggy enough, coughing and wheezing due to EIA and doing my best to hide a grimace, that is my attempt at running.
But despite all that I still really want to be good at running. I look forward to the next days run, have everything planned but then literally have to drag myself out there when the time comes. While I'm running I'm anxious because I think I must look like a loaded hippo about to collapse and KNOW I sound like an old coal engine train. But then when it's over I feel great and tell myself I loved the run and cannot wait for the next one - I'm suddenly a runner!
Then the whole sorry story starts over again next time!
I'm going to forget all that this year though. My daughter and I are going to re-enter the 10k we failed to train for last year and we're going to make it because we ARE runners and I DO enjoy it!


  1. I want to be good at running too. I/we its not going to happen over night and may take a long time of practice, but I believe if we keep working hard it it we will be great at it!

    1. Perseverance eh Kristine! I'm determined to have at it this year, I soooooo want to be a decent runner and beat my PB for the other 10ks I entered.
      Good luck with your running, I'm sure you're right, if we keep at it we'll get there in the end.