Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Balls to the wall.......

Now I remember!
Today it all came back me!
My sudden lightbulb moment? Day 2 & 3 of Insanity are the worst - Ever!
Day 2 because you are so stiff from Shaun T's "Fit test" the day before that even shuffling out of bed is agony and Day 3 because you remember the intensity of the workout from the day before and dread it!

So today was Day 2 for me. The stiffness of every bone in my body and the pain in every conceivable muscle (and then some) had me talking myself out of this crazy ass workout before I'd even shuffled out of bed.
That's the problem I have you see, I talk myself out of things very easily, luckily I've also learned how to trick myself back into them.
Basically I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at 6.30am and told myself  "I'll just workout later in the day", the problem with that theory is that if I don't workout in the morning I won't be bothered by the afternoon and I'll just miss it (been there, got the T shirt).
It has to be a morning workout so I convinced myself to watch the Insanity commercial (that I recorded via Sky TV) just to see what I'll be doing later on in the day (wink, wink) and it worked. Every single time it works! As soon as I'm 10 minutes into the commercial I cannot wait to get going on the workout - awesome!

So this was todays workout - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

45 minutes long this 'workout' will push you to your limits and just when you think you can't do anymore Shaun T will motivate you to 'Dig deeper'.
It starts with a 10 minute warmup but just like the 'Fit test' this 'Warmup' will have you questioning your ability to complete an actual workout.
Basically Shaun T gives you a set of 7 exercises to be repeated 3 times and each set gets more intense, but hey you do get a 30 second break in between sets!!

Next is stretching. By this point the sweat is already dripping but these stretches are just.....well......I love em. Seeing how much more flexible you have become each day is just as satisfying as seeing how much fitter you have become.
Do not omit these stretches!

Now it's time to get real and dig deep! The workout!
The moves in the workout are also divided into parts/drills with a 30 sec break after each set. The sets are repeated 3 times and again the intensity increases with each one.
If you thought the 'Warmup' moves were hard these show you a whole new level of crazy ass working out, it's called Insanity for a reason.

Finally you get to stretch again. The temptation will be to stay on the floor (because that's where you will be by this point) but do not miss this cool down stretch. Not only does it gently stretch those warm muscles but it also helps to bring the heart rate down.

So does that tempt you to give it a go? Think you've got what it takes or just want to challenge yourself? Even if you're overweight like I am you should give this workout a go so why not watch the commercial and see what you think


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