Saturday, 9 March 2013

Day 2 control

Jeepers Day2 and it's already hard to break those bad eating habits.
We had the day planned as staying home and cleaning out hubbys workshop but something cropped up and we had to pop into town to help a friend out.
If I'd stayed at home I would have found it easier to control what I ate and I started off really well when we got into town. MrSG stopped to fill the van with diesel and asked if I wanted anything out of the shop
"Nope" I replied.
"No chocolate? I have to ask cos I'd usually be in trouble if I didn't" Says MrSG
"Nope" says I resolutely.
"Mints?" asks MrSG
"Nope" says I.
Easy as that - one to me!
Later after we've helped the friend
"Shall we go for breakfast?" says friend to MrSG.
"Course" says MrSG
So off we all go to breakfast. Eggs, Bacon, sausage & beans all round.
One to the evil fat girl inside!

Here's another awkward conundrum. One of my daughters made me this for Mothers day tomorrow and it would be rude to not eat some

On the upside, this next image is my breakfast (before the town breakfast - poops, that does sound bad doesn't it). Normally this bowl would be full to the brim with either Crunchy Nut Cornflakes or Shreddies, however this is down to a mere handful of Shreddies (Crunchy nuts are off the menu now)

And I only added a splidging of milk too.
One to me!

2 days till INSANITY!

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