Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Reasons for...............

Very few times do I ask myself to go over my reasons for losing weight. I know I should think about it more because it's supposed to motivate you and keep you going isn't it?
The thing is I started this (my latest) weightloss journey just because I needed to lose weight, I never questioned why or what I'm doing it for.
So (having thought long and hard) here's why I'm losing weight
  1. Health:- Heart, Lungs, Knees, Back, Joints etc
  2. Mental health.
  3. I'm going to live a long time (in the genes apparently) so I may as well make it as pain free as possible.
  4. For my kids and their kids and their kids and their kids (Ok maybe I'm not going to live that long but you get the gyst)
  5. For my husband because I've threatened promised I will look after him when his lungs are shot because he continues to smoke even though he has COPD (though he says he'd rather be put down).
It's not going to be easy and hasn't been thus far but I will get there bit by bit. I'm no longer aiming for a certain weightloss each week because I've found that's the quickest way to demotivate myself. I'm aiming for some loss every week whether it be 1/2lb or 3lb but the main thing is for it to be slow and gradual because I'm terrified of ending up with loose skin.

Anyway I'm onto the second week of Insanity and yes, I am still loving it.
Today was 'Pure Cardio' again and this is what I looked like by the end of it 

I look at this and all I see is the sun damage on my face round my eyes.
Alot of people that take part in the 'Beachbody' workouts use 'Shakeology' and claim that it really helps aid their weightloss. 'Shakeology' is not cheap though and currently not available in the UK unless you buy from Ebay (and I'd be worried about what I'm buying).
My Beachbody coach has offered to ship it over if I buy it through him but the cost is still too high so I had to experiment with various drinks available in the UK to help get me through and recover from these Insane workouts.
The best by far for me is 'Lucozade Sport' Isotonic drink

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