Thursday, 14 March 2013

Recovery? Yeah right!

I think I'm going to have to purchase a dictionary as a gift to Shaun T because todays Insanity was 'Cardio recovery' and I have to say one of us has the wrong interpretation of recovery.
Granted the moves were slower (to start with) and we weren't subjected to such a manic warmup but bloomin eck, a person would imagine recovery to not ....well.... hurt so much.
'Cardio recovery' is basically about strength and balance and includes a whole heap of squats, squats with pulses, lunges, lunges with pulses, plank work, balancing and then some Yoga stretches that I seriously struggled with (and yet I found them so easy during my previous round last year).
The idea of 'Cardio recovery' is to go easier on the body after the past few days of Insane, ball busting workouts and compared to the other workouts it's certainly milder, just don't let the recovery title fool you if you decide to take the Insanity challenge.

Tomorrow is 'Pure cardio' and I am bricking it because basically it's the one workout that I really remember from last time. I am going to need every ounce of dedication to press play to this one but press play I will and I'll love every minute of it. When I hit the floor from exhaustion I know I'll find that one last ounce of effort to keep going because Shaun T has this uncanny knack of making you want to push yourself beyond your limits (most limits are in the head anyways, the body can do so much more than we ever imagined).

Tomorrow is also weigh day - eek!
I know I'll be lucky for even a pound loss because my food choices so far this week haven't been great but I'm dealing! 


  1. Cheering from the side to go for all of them and knock them down :-).

    1. Lol, I'm trying. Pure Cardio in a minute and I am so dreading it :)