Friday, 8 March 2013

Foolproof weightloss tip......

Learn to say No!

Today was/is the day!
Today I tossed that fear aside (OK shoved it temporarily to one side) and faced the scales.
Originally I was going back to Slimming World but having consulted with Mr SG I came to the conclusion that as I know the diet pretty much inside out and because I literally dread the weekly weigh in I would try to do this on my own first. If I find it too difficult to motivate myself and/or feel I need to be accountable to a coach then I will go straight to Slimming World. For now though, I'm doing this on my own with the help of my family.
My first thought was that I need to set myself realistic goals and once I reach each of those goals I will recieve a treat to celebrate it. Mr SG came up with the idea of me getting a garden plant for every 7lbs I lose and me being the keen gardener I am agreed without hesitation, I'm even going to come up with some kind of theme.
7lbs seems most doable, I'm a happy girl.

I know I haven't exactly stated my actual weight yet, but here's the thing, I'm not quite ready to. I know, I know, it's a cop out and I really should be ok about pasting it on my own weightloss blog. The problem is that my family may read this blog and I'm not quite ready for them to know my weight - even Mr SG doesn't know it. I know it won't make any difference to how they feel about me, they love me unconditionally but I'm embarrassed about it and if I know they know then I'll start getting paranoid.
So for now my weightloss tracker (on the right) is tracking my weightloss as I lose weight toward my ideal total weightloss.
One day I'll be completely open and honest about it but for now......................

Basically I need to lose around 70lbs. I'm at the heaviest I've ever been and I'm completely uncomfortable on a daily basis. My knees hurt, my back hurts, my asthma is affected, I have heartburn most days and I'm tired all the time, while alot of those symptoms can be put down to medical problems there's also no denying the fact that my weight is probably also a major factor.

So as of today, this is me

With this motivation in mind

Sunday may be an issue as it's Mothers Day and it can be hard to resist those treats that the kids buy but look what is happening on Monday (widget on the left), yep Insanity is in the building!

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