Wednesday, 27 June 2012

C'mon y'all, let's goooooooooo!

What does the word conjur up in your mind?
It's probably not producing the image of a workout that you will enjoy doing huh?
Have you seen the Insanity workout infommercials? C'mon ladies you know the one - the one with Shaun T sweating profusely, getting his face in the screen and yelling that 'you can do this'.
Or are you the sceptical person that watches these infommercials and thinks "yeah right, as if" or "I'm way too unfit to do that" or "not in this lifetime" or even "I'm too old"?
Well a few weeks ago that was me. I've watched that infommercial for the last year or so. Originally I liked the look of Tony Hortons 'P90X' and then I saw Saun T's 'Insanity'. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and I really wanted to do this workout but was convinced a) I'm too unfit  b) I'm too old (seriously too old at 40, wtf)  c)Don't reckon it will work.
But, 5 weeks ago I thought 'sod it'. Beachbody (the owners of Insanity et al) were offering monthly instalments and a 60day money back guarantee so I figured I would buy it, try it and send it back when it didn't live up to any of the claims.
For some reason I became fixated on the free Insanity tshirt, given to those who complete the challenge and send their before & after pictures and measurements in. The infommercial shows that tshirt alot, it shows people wearing it proud to be able to  say 'I earned it' and for some reason it struck a chord with me - I want that tshirt!
By the time Insanity arrived I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it but soooooo excited that I was giving it a chance - I have a whole DVD graveyard full of tried & tested workouts, this one had to be different, didn't it?
On day 1 of the Insanity workout I recorded my weight, measurements and took those before photos - I have to say this was where I was most reluctant. I have hidden from the camera for about 20 years now so this was alien to me. In fact there was no way I was getting anyone to take them for me so I waited until everyone was out, erected some dodgy looking scaffold for the camera, set the timer and took the pictures (which haven't even made it to my blog just yet).
I have to say those pictures just validated exactly why i shouldn't have my photo taken.

Anyway, day 1 of Insanity was a fit test and I have to say that this fit test was exactly that. It showed me exactly how unfit, uncoordinated and unflexible I actually am - it kind of opened my eyes and made me seriously doubt about my ability to do this workout.
The first workout I did was extreme to say the least. I went into this knowing that I wasn't even going to attempt to keep up with the guys on screen - at least not to start with - if I go down that road then I'll lose interest when I can't keep up.
Despite my total inability to do some of the moves I loved it, I mean I seriously loved the workout and was on a high all day!
For the rest of the week I found myself wanting to get into a new routine so that I was up early and ready to press play and go a round of Insanity.
That enthusiasm has never waned!
I am now in week 5 of Insanity which is a recovery week preparing myself for month 2 and it's brand new workouts but don't be fooled, I do not know what dictionary Shaun T is familiar with but no definition of recovery I am aware of quite describes what is involved in Insanity recovery week. BUT the recovery workout is so far one of my favourite.

So far I am going to say that Insanity and Shaun T completely live up to the hype in those infommercials. This workout is different to anything else I have ever tried.
Fo the first month there are 5 different workouts plus a fit test plus a rest day so every day is different.
The recovery week is 1 workout repeated over 6 days but is so far my favourite of all of them.
Month 2 has a further 5 new workouts plus the fit test and plus utilising a couple of workouts from month 1 - it's going to be tough!
I haven't weighed myself since starting the workout. I'm reluctant to do this because so far I haven't watched my diet. I'm getting my butt in gear ready for the second month though and will record any losses at the end of the month. I did have a sneaky measure of my waist this morning just out of curiosity and I've lost 2" from it so I'm pretty hopeful that there'll be more by the end of month 2.
The main improvements I have found are flexibility

Another thing that makes the Beachbody workouts different (this includes P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, Turbofire and loads more) is that the purchaser gets access to the Beachbody website which is full of forums, interactive workouts, advice, tips and gives you all the support that you could need. You are also assigned a free coach who is there to help you, guide you and advise you and this support is what makes these workouts unique - they are extremely interactive.
US residents also get the chance to become a coach too and earn extra money through that however this opportunity is not available in the UK yet but hopefully it will be in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to try one of these Insane workouts? Get extreme results? Want to be motivated by the likes of Shawn T, Tony Horton or Chalean?
Click one of the links to the left of this page and head on over to their website to check out your extreme workout of choice, I promise you you will not regret it.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Food Addiction

Food Addiction is a subject quite close to my heart. There are many of us that have a negative relationship with food but never really understand that it's a problem.
I am addicted to Chocolate! I always joke about it but to be honest it's not been a joke for a few years now. I have gradually come to understand just how much of a control it has on my day to day living.
I think about it the minute I get up and would gladly substitute a proper meal for a slab of chocolate regardless of the nauseous feeling I am left with afterwards due to being unable to control how much I eat.
I also have a generally negative attitude toward food. I have made improvements over the last year or so but there are times when I still find myself unable to refuse the junk food and shovel it down like it's my last meal ever. Of course the guilty disgusted feeling soon follows and the food addiction cycle comes full circle.

Today, something changed. I ate a huge slab of chocolate, felt nauseous as usual but instead of shoving that thought aside I confronted it.
I suprisingly found myself reluctantly admitting that I didn't even enjoy the chocolate - I mean how could I, I shovel it down so quick  I hardly even get a taste of it. I shovel it down so fast so that I can manage to eat the entire bar before feeling full and I want to eat the entire bar because I'm afraid someone else will pinch it if I don't. The thing is no one has ever taken my chocolate so I don't know where that fear stems from.
I'm also faced with the reality of the health repercussions of chocolate. As an addict of chocolate I can ignore the blocked arteries because I can't actually see them and I can avoid having a cholesterol check too but when your heart starts pounding and racing after eating it, well THAT is a little harder to ignore.
Today is the day I admit - seriously admit - that I am addicted to Chocolate, that I cannot control it and that it is having a negative impact on my life.
Today is the day I quit Chocolate.

It's going to be hard, very hard. Like any addiction I am going to crave it and possibly reach for it without realising I'm doing it. I have to learn to recognise what triggers a craving and learn to change those habits.
Can I do it?   You bet I can.
But what makes this time different?  As stupid as it may sound, Insanity makes it different! I have tried so many workout routines and have always got bored or lost motivation within the first week. Insanity has motivated me in a way I never thought possible. It has pushed me to my limits, it's made me cry, made me angry, left me in a heap on the floor and yet it's had an amazing positive impact on me too. Every morning I get up early and press play. Even on the days when I really want to stay under the covers and cower from the Black Dog, I get up, I get dressed and hit play and at the end of the workout I feel amazing. Amazing because I pushed further than I thought I could, I motivated myself more than I ever thought possible and I have picked myself up from the floor and given one more push more times than I care to remember.
1 month ago I would never have believed it possible. Thank you Insanity & Shawn T.

Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Check this out

Food Addiction – Are You a Food Addict?
Food addiction is a contemporary term used to describe a pathological disorder; the compulsive, excessive craving for and consumption of food. This condition is not only manifested by the abnormal intake of food, but the intake and craving for foods that are, in themselves, harmful to the individual. While society and the medical profession have readily understood alcoholism and drug abuse, it is only in recent years that there is an equal acceptance of the fact that persons may be addicted to food in the same way. When any substance is taken into the body regardless of its potential for harm or in excess of need, that substance is said to be abused. Individuals who abuse substances in such a way are addicts; these persons become physiologically and mentally dependent upon certain substances, in this case food.

One need only ask themselves a few key questions to determine his or her addiction:

  • Do you eat when you are not hungry or when you feel low or depressed? YES
  • Do you eat in secret or eat differently in front of others than when you’re alone?YES
  • Do you consume inordinate amounts of food and then purge later with vomiting or laxatives to get rid of the excess?NO
  • Are there foods that are harmful to you, but you eat them anyway?YES
  • Do you feel guilty after eating?YES
If you can answer yes to any of these questions than you are likely addicted to food. Food Addiction – Causes and Manifestations
Food addiction, as with any other addiction, is a loss of control. The individual understands that their way of eating is harmful, but continues the destructive behavior. The phenomenon of food addiction is both physiological and psychological.

Many individuals have what may be termed “food allergies.” These are trigger foods which when ingested cause negative symptoms and changes in the body but at the same time provoke cravings. The individual, for instance, the diabetic, may be made “sick” by the intake of sugar, but will still continue to crave it and eat it in excess, with adverse effects. Studies are also continuing regarding certain proteins in milk and wheat which when ingested produce narcotic-like effects. These chemicals mimic the body’s natural painkillers, endorphins, and have thus been termed “exorphins.” Individuals may be suffering from depression, low self-esteem or loneliness; they will find a high when ingesting large quantities of food or certain foods such as salt or chocolate. The immediate high gives way to a sick feeling or guilt, leading to more depression. Because the addict is out of control, he or she will turn once again to the same eating patterns in a conscious or unconscious effort to feel better.

Food addicts come equally from all age, race, and gender groups. They are overweight, underweight, and some of normal weight. They are linked by their obsession with food. The obese individual suffers humiliation due to excess weight; they may be lethargic and sedentary unable to move around freely. The underweight person may be bulimic; though they eat obsessively, they are so afraid of becoming overweight that they will induce vomiting, take laxatives, or exercise compulsively to prevent weight gain. They may also alternate with periods of anorexia, refraining from food to control their weight. The person of normal weight while appearing normal may be obsessed with food, constantly thinking about what to eat or how much they weigh. The entire subject of food is a misery to them; they count calories compulsively, eating without enjoyment.
Food Addiction – Is There Any Hope for Recovery?
Food addiction is a serious condition with many adverse health consequences. Obesity, psychological disorders, diabetes, and gastric anomalies are just a few.

The first step to recovery is, of course, the realization and acceptance of the problem. Medically, individuals must identify which foods -- the trigger foods -- cause allergic symptoms and cravings.

There is no easy way to combat food addiction; it will require intense discipline in modifying eating patterns and lifestyle. A manageable exercise program should be embraced along with dietary changes that may be maintained. Ambitious attempts to change eating patterns abruptly or to lose weight quickly rarely have long-term success.

The physiological and psychological dependency of food can best be broken when the individual recognizes that they are powerless to combat it alone. They must look to God, who alone is able to provide help and healing in this and all areas of human helplessness. “For I am the LORD who heals you" (Exodus 15:26b). God is as much concerned with our physical well being as He is with our spiritual relationship to Him. As an individual seeks Him, he will find health and healing and recovery. “Dear friend, I am praying that all is well with you and that your body is as healthy as I know your soul is” (3 John 2). 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Oh no you didn't!

So here's the thing. I'm loving my Insanity workouts ..... well as much as a person can love pushing their body to the point of being unable to breathe anyways :)
But I've hit a minor glitch. So far I've managed to work around it but this glitch is getting more painful by the day and the thought of being told to stop the Insanity workout really worries me.
The problem is my knee. I always expected a few niggles in my joints starting such an insane workout but I always imagined it would be my hips or ankles that let me down, not my ruddy knees.
I'm guessing I'm doing some of the higher energy moves wrong particularly the high knee jumps. I asked my coach what could be causing the knee pain and it would seem I've been landing wrong :( The idea is to land softly on the balls of your feet with bent knees. I'm managing the bent knees but I've been landing heavily on the flat of my feet - my knees have been getting progressively worse over the last few days because of it. I now find it really painful to squat, walk up and down stairs and even walking hurts until it eases up a bit.
I so did not see this coming!
I only have myself to blame though, I should have taken precautions before starting the workout and should have made sure I knew the moves properly. A couple of years ago I had a stupid accident that involved me slipping and bashing my left knee and leg. Off I popped to the hospital but the xray department had shut for the weekend (this was Friday night - good job this wasn't an emergency huh) and I never bothered going back for it on Monday. My leg and knee healed after a few months although my lower front leg was still squishy. I never even gave my knee a thought when I started this workout and it's the same knee that's hurting now.
So what am I going to do? Well,  1) strap the knee up during workout  2) either modify the jumps till it heals or at least land softly  3) start taking Glucosamine and cod liver oil  4) wall stretches for the knee 5) Pray this works.

On the upside I've noticed a few positive changes too :) I haven't checked weight or measurements since I started but there's been a huuuuge improvement with my back.
For years now I have suffered with severe back ache in a morning. It stems from some damage I did to it when I worked with horses years ago. For the first time in yonks I am waking up without a back ache and for me that is a huge relief!
I've also noticed that my walking posture has improved. I don't slouch when I walk now and my shoulders seem to naturally fall back rather than forward.
Now, if I can just sort out this knee pain!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Extreme workout

Last week I decided that I was going to quit the Slimming World weekly weigh in.  It was a big decision to make because I have never done well with losing weight when I'm not accountable to a slimming group BUT there's many reasons for me making the decision.
  1. I've never stayed for the group therapy part. It just doesn't interest me and because the class is at night time and 15 miles away it just gets too late for me personally.
  2. Paying and weighing. Obviously it's my fault that I only turn up to class, pay my fee, get weighed and get out but I started to question what I'm actually getting from that. I'm not accountable to the group because I don't stay.
  3. The atmosphere is not one of a happy group (another reason I don't stay after weigh in). 
  4. The leader of the group is a fun gal but there's no motivation whatsoever. She never interacts or  asks questions or finds out how we've done. Obviously she would if we stayed on after but there's absolutely no support if we don't.
  5. I've got into the habit of starving myself all day every Thursday because weigh in is at night (I'd prefer first thing in the morning). I'll drink through the day but even that stops at about 2pm and then I work myself up so much during the day I go to class with a stomach ache.
  6. By the time I've been weighed in the evening I'm so hungry that I hit the shops and stuff myself with sweets convincing myself that I can burn it off during the week. The problem with that scenario is that once I binge it's hard to stop.
So I decided enough is enough. Going to class is not healthy for me right now.
I am still following the slimming world plan because I know it works and I will weigh myself once a week first thing in the morning and see if I can do this myself. Well, actually, I know I can do it! If I can press play to an Insanity workout everyday then I know I can watch my diet myself.

Talking of Insanity;)  today was CPR 'Cardio Power & Resistance'. This particular workout is madness - and I love it. I pushed harder today than I thought possible and managed to keep up with the guys on screen much more :)
Here's my post workout piccie. See the smile?

THIS is how I really felt:

Flippin knackered.
If you've seen the Insanity commercials you'll have seen the sweat that drips off Sean T and the others - that sweat is for real y'all and by half way through (perhaps even in the beginning of the workout as was my case) you will be sweating bucket loads.
Insanity workouts will make you sweat, cry, scream, hit the floor in exhaustion and question your sanity BUT you will love every single minute of it because every time you drag your sorry knackered butt off that floor and give one last push when you thought you had nothing left you will feel invincible!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Take a good look people

Take a good look at just how much fat you dieters are removing from your body:

That 20 lber just looks gross doesn't it! Just imagine that's what we're removing from around out bellys and bodies and that is what is surrounding our internal organs when we're overweight!
Ewww right?

Now look at this Fat to Muscle comparrison:

And here's just a little reminder for y'all!

So I haven't been running - still!
My daughter is away and as she is my training buddy for the Loch Ness 10k I've decided to wait till she gets back in a couple of weeks.
In the mean time INSANITY is getting........well....INSANE and I'm hoping to see a huge improvement in my running ability when I get going again. I know it'll be hard cos I haven't run for a while but the improvement I'm looking for is not feeling like I'm running through sludge as soon as I get going - Insanity Plyometrics should be helping that!

I did week 3 fit test yesterday and although my results are probably still below average I made improvements on all moves.
  1. Switch kicks improved by 11.
  2. Power jacks improved by 7.
  3. Power knees improved by 18.
  4. Power jumps improved by 7.
  5. Globe jumps improved by 1  :(
  6. Suicide Jumps improved by 3.
  7. Push up jacks improved by 4.
  8. Low plank oblique improved by 9.

The Black Dog is taking the proverbial today. One minute he's snapping, the next he's snoozing - what's with that!
Time for some music I think so that I can send him back off to La La land!  :) - smiley face just to annoy the Black Dog.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Water & Cravings

"Dream it, believe it and you will achieve it"

We're always told that water is important for our bodies right! I'm not sure what the health recommendations are with regards to the amount of water we should drink everyday but I for one try to drink it constantly throughout the day.
But check this out:

Who knew!
Who knew it actually did all that?  I mean, I knew it made up a huge percentage of our blood but 75% of our muscles?  75% of our brain? 22% of our bones?  I for one didn't know those things.  I'm pretty sure I would have learned these facts at some point during those boring science classes at school but I would have to say it hasn't been sloshing around in that 75% of brain water for the past 24 years of leaving school. Must have gone in and been pee'd right back out again. I know now though!

Now check out this one:

Where on earth do they come up with these? And how do they know that when I'm really craving that gorgeous silky smooth bar of chocolatey goodness that what I reeeeeally want is Nuts, Seeds, legumes or fruit? Hmmmmmm Chocolate or Nuts? Chocolate or seeds? Chocolate or fruit? Nope I ain't getting it. Right now I am craving that bar of chocolate in the fridge. I'm craving the taste, the texture the whole darned thing. Now if I sit and dream of Nuts, seeds, legumes or fruit am I feeling that same feeling? Am I craving them? Do I even fancy them or like them?
I'm thinking not so much! Think I'd rather have the Magnesium Supplement that they claim my body needs and sit and enjoy that chocolatey goodness!

No real exciting news to share re Insanity. I'm still doing it. I'm still loving it, I'm still diggin deep and the time spent hitting the floor in complete exhaustion is getting less which has got to be a good thing!
SI6 is even getting easier too.
Though I have to admit I am looking forward to recieving a sample of a pre workout drink I've ordered. If it's tolerable taste wise, does what it says on the packet and doesn't just leave me jittering like a caffeine junkie then I'll buy it in bulk.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Did you know?

Well I certainly didn't! Or at least it's easier to let myself believe I didn't know.
But I recently came across these on the net

Certainly make you think don't they?
How many of those issues are we already suffering from? All caused by carrying extra fat on our bodies!
Problem is I think these images can often be like a Lung cancer warning on a pack of cigarettes - ignored! Not that I smoke though. Never have and never will.
It's amazing isn't it what the brain is capable of ignoring? My brain is evidently quite adept at ignoring the warnings on images like these and yet is incapable of ignoring the chocolate bar in the fridge - what's with that!

Todays Insanity attack was Plyometric Cardio Circuit and crikey did it hurt......heaps! I'm still astounded at just how motivated I still am for this workout though.
After Insanity I had a 5 minute cool down and then started up 'Slim in 6'. I really wasn't going to because my butt is still burning from Mondays workout but I'm glutton for punishment (not just food lol) and so I completed SI6 again. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Burning buns........................

And not the nice edible kind either. I'm talking burning backside, ass, butt, booty or whatever else you choose to call it.
It blinkin hurts!
The culprit? Probably not what came straight to the mind of you guys that's for sure ;)  It was that 'slim in 6' workout from Monday.
I was going to do it again today after Insanity Pure Cardio but seriously I have never know my butt muscles to be this sore, even I have to laugh at my attempt to get in and out of a chair.
Plus, plus, my inner thigh muscles! I honestly thought I'd been absent the day inner thigh muscles were dished out. I guess years of being covered in flab kind of camouflaged them huh. But guess what, if this pain is anything to go by then they're most certainly there and are firing on all cylinders.

I have to say 'Slim in 6' was difficult and the DVD I did was just the first one of the set 'start it up'.
Here's what each DVD claims
3 easy-to-follow workouts for amazing body-slimming results:
  • Start It Up! introduces you to the basic Slim Training moves for burning calories and reshaping your body.
  • Ramp It Up! helps you burn more calories each day to accelerate your results.
  • Burn It Up! takes slimming and toning to the next level to complete your body reshaping.
I know I've only done the first day of the first DVD but honestly, I have never felt these particular muscles so fired!
There's no way I am ready to do it every day after Insanity so I'm going to do it every other day for a couple of weeks first.

As for INSANITY. Well I struggled today. I struggled to get out of bed due to a late night, I felt knackered, had a belly ache and then did the workout on an empty stomach and forgot to take my Narcolepsy meds first (which give me a boost).
I got through the entire workout though. NEVER will I press pause or stop unless I'm finished - not a habit I want to get into.
Loving it still and looking forward to Cardio Abs being bought into it this week.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Get your s**t together

That's exactly what I need to be saying to myself right now!
I'm avoiding running and the longer I leave it the harder it is to get going again. The main reason is that I've been doing this training with my daughter. We knew it would be hard for her to fit runs in because she works with horses at an Equestrian college and so we only really get the weekend to run.
The initial aim was for me to run on a Tuesday then we'd both run on Fridays and Sundays but I'm kinda coming up with all excuses not to and now my daughter goes away for a couple of weeks at the weekend!
This run we're training for is at the end of September so I have to get my s**t together.
The plan now is to begin in earnest once she returns from her trip but I know that I'm going to have to find it in me to go out running alone again - gulp!

At least INSANITY is going great. I felt a bit daunted this morning due to yesterdays rest break but once we got going I was right back into it. I even did the first DVD to 'Slim in 6' straight after - my knees now hurt. :(

I've been blogging in my food diary and a few things have come to light.
1) I am eating waaaaay too much crap - more than I thought
2) Some days I don't eat enough actual food.
3) I'll be lucky to lose any weight come this Thursdays weigh in.

Today i had a Creme Egg ice cream taken off me by my hubby like I was a naughty kid. Part of me laughed and part of me was bloody angry.
My husband is usually the feeder and buys me sweets even when I say I'm trying to avoid them - actually, especially when I say I'm trying to avoid them!
So I felt it was a bit hypocritical to suddenly decide that I needed to have something taken away. Don't get me wrong I understood why he did it and I was quite glad that he'd stopped me having it, but still...............
Mind you, I had the ice cream anyway later on. ;)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

I need.....................

 "It's always useful to know where a friend-and-relation is, whether you want him or whether you don't." - Winnie the Pooh

I need something only I'm not sure what it is - my husband would probably say I need a personality transplant today because I think I've been a bitch - Oops!
I didn't realise I was jibing people or nagging or simply down right snapping at them but I have it on good authority that I have been - again, Oops!
I mean I knew I felt agitated today but obviously didn't realise how much. In the end, despite us supposed to be working on the land, my husband downed tools (or shut the digger off anyway (flipping eck I musy have been preety bad to be heard over a digger)) and said he was taking me to town to get me away from the house. Well if that's my punishment for being agitated guess who may just have to be more agitated in the future ;)

I must admit I spend all my time at home. I choose not to make friends here as I can't be arsed with the type of friend I seem to be drawn to (whiny, needy, two faced - you get the picture) so my best friend is one I've known for years but lives 500 miles away. I don't socialise as such because I don't understand the way some Scots speak here and I feel rude keep saying "pardon" or "can you slow down, I can't understand you". It's not the locals fault, heck it's not anyones fault I just struggle to understand the accent.
On the upside I have 4 acres of land to potter about on, I love gardening, I love photography and I have access to pretty much all the tools I need to satisfy my 'building' projects - I'm happy!
However I made a comment this week that had even myself questioning my sanity and "happiness". I informed my husband that I wanted to buy a radio. I don't want a cd player or anything fancy, just a radio player that I can play when I'm in the greenhouse or polytunnel. Nothing wrong with that you might think, except my reason for wanting a radio was so that I could hear people talking and not feel so lonely. Where the bloody hell did that come from!!!!
Hmmmmm, think I may be lonlier than I thought. Problem is though that I really do not want to socialise - I've never liked it.

Anyway, I guess I'm lucky that my husband noticed my agitation and got me away from the house - I feel so much better now.

Today is also a rest day from INSANITY - hey, I've just clicked, is this why I'm so agitated today - no workout?

On a good note though. Although I was agitated, there was no sign of the Black Dog. :)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Accountability? Who was I kidding......

As I ramble through life, whatever be my goal, I will unfortunately always keep my eye upon the doughnut and not upon the whole.
Wendy Wasserstein

OK so I did honestly believe that if I wrote on my blog that I was going to go for a run yesterday that I would do it......honest!
I had every intention of going - really I did!
But (I so hate that word) I ended up making so many excuses -the main one being the wind - that I had to admit I just couldn't be bothered to go. There I said it. Lazy me could not be arsed to get changed and run!!
Obviously I regretted it the minute it was too late to go out for a run and convinced myself that were it still light and not 11:30pm that I would be jumping at the chance to get going. Funny how I do that!
But the honest truth is I just didn't want to go and couldn't be bothered with the effort - the wind had bugger all to do with it!
Least I'm still being accountable for not going  ;D

Today is day 6 of INSANITY which meant Plyometric Cardio Circuit. I first did this workout on Monday and actually found it harder today - I think I was putting much more effort in today.
In this particular workout Shaun T gets us doing these 'Suicide Drills' - you just know they're going to be hard with a name like that - and when I did them on Monday they made me feel really nauseous. I actually thought at the time that is was down to doing the workout on an empty belly so I started having a Banana before hand for the rest of the week and the nausea never returned - until today! It's those blinkin 'suicide drills' that does it. I don't know why although I am assuming it may be a motion sickness type thing because I do other moves that are similar and have no nauseous feeling s at all. 'Suicide drills' involve bending down at the knee, touching the floor, coming up and then quickly moving to the side before going doen at the knee, touching the floor, coming back up and moving to the other side - all as quickly as you can. Motion sickness me thinks!
Still, loved the workout as usual. I'm stoked that I'm still enjoying it as I've normally lost interest by now. Tomorrow is a rest day from Insanity but should still be a running day :(

Friday, 1 June 2012

Weigh in & Progress

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison

So last night was weigh in at fatclub Slimming World and after all my workouts this week I haven't shifted even an ounce of weight - WTF!
Ok so maybe I've only done 3 workouts (4 if I include the fit test ;) but that's really not the point, I felt 'thinner' this week so hoped for at least 1 lb :(

Never mind, I'll get over it. I did know that maybe I'd not been doing it long enough to notice a difference just yet so I'll concentrate on next week.
I think maybe I need a reality check where my food is concerned too. Chocolate is sneaking its way back in throughout the week and if I'm honest I've been adding the odd naughty ingredient to my meals throughout the week. To help with this problem I'm going to add a 'food diary' to my blog so I can write down everything I eat - that way I'm accountable for it.

So todays INSANITY workout - Pure Cardio. I'm still amazed and stoked at just how excited I am to press play every morning, I'm loving every minute of these workouts.
Pure Cardio was an absolute killer. I couldn't keep up completely all of the time but I certainly gave it my best shot. I hit the floor a couple of times but then again so did a couple of the fitties on the DVD. I took a few more breaks in this one but those 'breaks' were literally  a swig of water and get back into it or walking a couple of circles and get back into it.
The stretches Shaun T does are Amazing. I can already see a difference in my suppleness and how much of a stretch I can achieve - the hip flexor stretches have really helped because I have problems in that area.

The Black Dog had a bit of a snarl today. After my workout I looked in the mirror and negative thoughts started to creep in (probably because of last nights weigh in result) but I got him under control and he's back in his kennel - he's not asleep, he's alert but at least he's down!

Just so I am accountable for it and can't excuse my way out of it, I am going for a run later today :)